• IC Green BioFuel Power Booster


IC Green Biofuel Power Booster is real POWER! It is made up of the best quality components. It improves combustion by reducing fuel surface tension, cleaning the deposits from fuel tanks, lines, injectors, valves, and piston rings. Replacing lost lubrication of ULSD and improves the sealing of valves and piston rings while increasing lubrication to the upper cylinder area, valves and top rings reducing blow-by thus improving efficiency and reducing oil contamination and dilution. It also conditions fuel by removing water from by carrying it through the combustion process and eliminates valve fouling and reduces diesel particulate filter regenerations. It improves cold flow by removing water and obstructing the linking and gelling of waxes in diesel fuel to protect your equipment down to 0oF.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces Operating and Maintenance Costs: A cleaner engine has longer life
    and runs better and smoother.
  • Improves the performance and extends the life of pumps and injectors
  • Promotes easier starting in diesel and gasoline applications.
  • Works in conjunction with diesel anti-gel additives to improve their
    effectiveness for below zero operation.
  • Keeps fuel tanks and lines from rusting out
  • Eliminates fuel line freeze during cold weather
  • Protects and conditions bulk tank storage
  • Provides Lubrication to pumps, valves, injectors, and piston rings.
  • Provides lubricity equal to that of 3000 ppm sulfur content fuel

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